BOOK REVIEW: Anna & The French Kiss Series

The very first Taylor Dorothy book review! This series had me all over the place...

Reading as a Writer

Reading can be a complicated passion for me. I have been rereading "The Girl's Guide To Hunting And Fishing," which is an amazing fiction novel by Melissa Bank and has nothing to do with hunting or fishing. I first read it about ten years ago, and time is on my side when it comes to … Continue reading Reading as a Writer


I Can’t Blog While I Write My Books

Hey everyone! Recently I purchased a laptop to replace my extremely fatigued 2007 iMac. I was stubborn in my loyalty to my desktop Mac, seeing as the computer had seen me through six moves in two states, the entirety of my five-year college career, and literally hundreds of writing attempts. An iMac is not a particularly … Continue reading I Can’t Blog While I Write My Books


This past weekend, I was at the Texas Book Festival. It was my third year attending with my mom. After the first year I went, in 2011 when I saw Sarah Dessen speak, I was so excited and inspired that I started writing what later became my novel Into The Ocean (which you can check … Continue reading HOW TO WRITE A BOOK: My 5 Rules!