Today I finished my second book. It’s done. The first draft is complete and I love it. I typed THE END. Here are some quick facts on it, before I share what it’s about and whatnot:

Took me 4 Months- August 2016 to December 21, 2016

200 Pages

Hevetica font, 12 pt, 1.15 spacing

Ninteen chapters ranging from 7 to 14 pages

Over 99,500 words

12 pages of outline

6 pages of notes

2 different playlists (one that was mostly Tom Petty, the Rolling Stones and The Cars; the second that was all Pepper)

3 lines I loved that absolutely did not make it in

One MASSIVE change from the way I outlined it initially to the way it ended up, based on the chemistry the characters had

About seniors in high school who love to play Mario Kart on Nintendo 64

Made possible by an Unsinkable Story Structure class I took with Alistair Stevens from Story Wonk


I am just freaking out right now. Time to go eat something and do my makeup so I can go out and celebrate. My second book is done! Now I will take a break, revise, and begin querying agents in 2017!

-A very happy Taylor




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