A Stunning Neon: CG’s Rose Among Thorns!

Hey everyone!

My notes on this polish say “OMFG.” So… what else do you really need to know before we dive in? It’s China Glaze’s Rose Among Thorns! 😊

china glaze rose among thorns swatch


Neons are notoriously hard to photograph. You can see my other efforts with difficult polishes here, here, and here. This is an ongoing struggle in my nail blogger life!! But these glowing bright swatches are pretty true to life. Rose Among Thorns is a neon pink that also looks red, orange, and magenta depending on the light. I would describe it most accurately as a hot pink coral. This shade looks great with a tan, great against darker skin, and great against a black outfit because it really pops with contrast.

china glaze rose among thorns swatch


Rose Among Thorns has a liquidy formula. It shows ridges in the nail, and dries matte. It could be a one coater, except there are visible imperfections still with just one coat. It goes on great- hence my OMG reaction. It looks amazing as it dries, and it looks even better when I top it with Seche Vite quick dry topcoat (my fave). I ended up doing three coats just to get it as perfect as possible. China Glaze polishes tend to chip- especially the ones that dry matte, for some reason. So I took care to wrap my nail with that extra coat (I explain that technique here). It was not streaky, and I NEVER layer my polishes over a white base, so what you’re seeing is what you’ll get.



It’s available for dirt cheap on Amazon (under $4- you know you wanna throw it in your cart!) and it’s recommended with Too Yacht To Handle and Flip Flop Fantasy. Is this Amazon algorithm reading my blog? I love those two!!

Also- put this polish on your toes. Please. This is a DREAMY pedicure color!! Right now I have Orly’s Terra Cotta on, but this one is next. China Glaze really does some great colors for a summer-year-round pedicure.



Color: 10/10 (a neon coral? Come on!)

Uniqueness: 7/10

Formula: 8/10

Cute Name That Actually Fits With The Color: 10/10

One last pic of this gorgeous neon! Here it is in its matte state!


What do you think of this one?

Let me know in the comments below, or hit me up on my nail instagram! I’m @taylordorothynails.  You should follow me there anyway because we will be discussing very important things like OPI’s Holiday 2017 collection and the best China Glazes polishes kicking around the clearance bin at Sally’s 😆😝.



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