The Perfect Pedicure Color!

Hey everyone!

Have you ever wanted a polish that was so neon you can barely tell what color it is? I know you have. A bright, neon polish looks incredible against all skin tones and garners all kinds of compliments. I personally love a flashy neon, as long as it’s a pretty color. I’ve never been able to get behind those highlighter yellow colors.

This polish is one of the best neons in my collection. It’s an orangey-red that looks BOMB on the toes. It’s also my pedicure pick of the summer!! I’m talking about China Glaze’s POOL PARTY!!


This color is currently on my toes, and when I wear my black sandals, it is completely eye-catching. I feel like a really juicy, fun color is more forgiving than a pale pink or neutral. My opinion is that it’s better to go bold for your pedicure- REALLY bold. I don’t think I’ve ever had a neutral pedi in my whole dang life.


China Glaze is known for these super fun shades. Some of their other famous summer colors are Sun of A Peach and Flip Flop Fantasy. Flip Flop Fantasy is also great for a pedicure, but it’s a lighter peach color. FFF looks incredible against a tan or darker skin tones.


It’s pretty hard to capture this color accurately. It looks very orange in some lights. I would highly recommend heading out and hunting this one down. I bet you’ll love it!

I am such a fan! Give me all the juicy colors for summer. And in case you needed a recommendation for that first summer pedicure now that it’s sandal season, here ya go!





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