Too YACHT to Handle, Babyy!

Hey everyone!

Today’s post is about one of my favorite China Glaze polishes, and also one of the best polish names in my collection. If you like nail polish, you know most of these brands love elaborate pun names. Some more than others… OPI can get pretty cray. But still, no self-respecting nail polish brand would EVER call a purple polish ‘Pretty Purple.’ Please. Yeah right. Some purple polish names I can come up with off the top of my head: Baguette Me Not, Lotus Begin, Do You Lilac It. Playful as heeeelll.

The green I’ve been loving lately is called TOO YACHT TO HANDLE. How cute and evocative is that? It’s playful, funny, and makes me think of a summer day in Costa Rica on a yacht, sipping crisp white wine and enjoying the sun (is that just me? Thanks for the memories, Uncle Artie). Too Yacht To Handle is a lovely teal that makes me just stare at my fingers whenever I’m wearing it.


I have been reaching for my bright colors more and more as summer approaches. I mean, I know that’s not a revelatory concept.


This is one of those colors that looks great against a variety of skin tones.


I really love this formula, as well. It went on easily and thinly, and was perfect and opaque in three light coats. I topped this one with my Seche gel top coat, which is my favorite polish top coat lately. I like the seche gel coat even more than my seche quick dry, since it makes my manicure last longer, even though I have to wait until my paint job is totttttalllyyy dryyyy which is soooo annoying. It’s all worth it though, since Seche Gel top coat can even make a chip-prone China Glaze last for a few days.


Do you like this color? Are fun summer teals and amazing names your thing, too?



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