Ten Year TBT!

Hey everyone!

This is a TBT post, and TBT stands for Throwback Thursday, if you somehow didn’t know that (you must not be on Instagram!). Now that it’s 2018, I wanted to do a little TBT post to 2008. 2008 was one of the most important and iconic years of my life. It was the year I graduated high school. I lived in Hawaii then, and changed friend groups and haircuts and my eyebrows were all grown in after an unfortunate overzealous tweezing incident my sophomore year. I was very different then, and was lucky enough to have a fun, crazy senior year. Some of my stories seem like they’re from a different life when I look back, so enjoy the madness!

I know this post is a rather narsissistic return after I’ve been ignoring my blog, but there is other content coming up when ya girl is less exhausted 😴. I worked all day at my lovely sales associate job (that’s not a sarcastic lovely, although it probably would be in the last half hour of any given shift) and ran errands at night. But I don’t want to neglect my blog life anymore.

So here we are. Enough words, more picz.



In 2008, I had a new beau and a new look. We dressed very vintage and collected classic rock records on weekends with my little crew, which included my younger brother and best friend KT. I don’t have any of these records now (UGH) and don’t know how my skin was so CLEAR. It was clearer as a teen than it is for me now. How is that fair??

(2) Ulupo Heiau ❀ Kailua, Hawaii


Heiaus are super interesting. You should read about them if you’re interested in ancient civilizations and old Hawaii (I took ancient civ like 3 times in college and loved it). I used to hang out at these sacred Hawaiian sites in high school, which might be problematic, looking back. I’d just do my thing and wore cute outfits and picnicked and made phone calls to New Jersey.  It’s insane to look back at this as an adult- I would NOT regularly chill at such a sacred space now! But it was so beautiful and otherworldly. I remember always wanting to go to the heaiu once I found out about it, and they are a must see on Oahu.

(3) Kalaheo High School ❀ Kailua, Hawaii


This was my main lunch time crew during senior year. We were the KREWTONZ. I loved this gang so much that I had to document our group with a real group picture- which one day required me singling out Lauren’s boyfriend and saying, “You’re not a Krewton, will you take a photo of us?” He DID it, even though I was such an asshole! Sorry, Colby. You are a Krewton. Krewtonz for life. Also- I came up with our group name, provided the snacks, took dozens of photos daily, and wrote KREWTONZ in permanent marker on “our” table. Young and reckless!



I’m not sure why my parents let us smoke Black and Milds while taking our prom pics in the backyard, but okay. These are some of the more tame prom pics of the girls, since Sami and I were faux-dating at the time. I don’t even know what I mean by that, except I asked her to be my girlfriend and she said yes despite being straight (and our bfs didn’t mind, I guess? What was HS me doing exactly?). This was the first time I had my hair and makeup professionally done, and you know I showed a photo of Gwen Stefani for that hair! I was very stoked on it. My prom after-party in a Waikiki hotel room was broken up by the cops, and I offered them Big Red gum as a peace offering. They made me dump out all the alcohol and did NOT accept my gum/olive branch 👿. Again, it’s like this happened in another life!

(5) North Shore Hiking Spot ❀ Waimea Bay, Hawaii


This view alone makes me want to drop everything and move back to Oahu. And this TBT post makes me want to travel back in time and hand this bitch some sunblock. I was SOO tan. Leave it to a New Jersey girl to take up tanning at the beach as the primary way to spend a day in Hawaii! I mean, I read 100 books in 2008 so at least I was productive. But I was A-L-W-A-Y-S tanning and beaching it up.

 I’ll be blogging more soon! And it’s not an empty promise. I have three posts coming up.

One is my top picks for pedicure polishes, and the other is my January/February favorites. Then there’s my OFFICIAL review of SNS Dip Powder manicures, which I recently got and have the full scoop on.

Stay tuned and thanks for reading. You can find me more frequently posting on my Instagram, @taylordorothy. Tag me in your ten year TBTs! I loooove a good throwback.

Have a great day,




One thought on “Ten Year TBT!

  1. Hahah OMG Tay, can’t beleive it’s been 10 years already. That pic of the krewtons is amazing, such fun times! I totally forgot Colby took the picture lol I miss you and the crew! If you’re ever in Seattle let me know!

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