Flashback Five!

Bring me your candids, your old eyebrows, your neglected favorites from 2008...

Light Pink Nail Polish

Hi guys!! Is it just me or is light pink nail polish the hardest color to shop for? I love a ballerina pink, but I am not about sheer nail polish. Basically, if I apply two coats and its not opaque, then I want nothing to do with the polish. Many formulas are watery in … Continue reading Light Pink Nail Polish



It's that time of year again... Spring break!  This annual week-long holiday from school is the setting of my first novel INTO THE OCEAN. Into The Ocean is about a girl from New Jersey who moves to Hawaii with her family. She has finally started making friends and settling in, just as spring break rolls … Continue reading BIG CHANGES, BOOK COVERS & SPRING BREAK

THROWBACK THURSDAY: 10 Years of Octobers!

I did it. I dug through the endless files of my 300 gig external hard drive (my prized possession, by the way- and one time during a tsunami warning in Hawaii, I threw it in my purse, left my family, and hiked up a mountain...) and found... TEN YEARS of late October photos. There aren't any … Continue reading THROWBACK THURSDAY: 10 Years of Octobers!

15 Photos From When I Lived In Hawaii

Here are fifteen random pictures from my iphoto while living on Oahu for a few years. I like to look at these pictures occasionally, just to remind myself that I've really lived minutes away from mountains/beaches/spam fried rice like that. All of these photos are mine, except for the one of Gwen Stefani. It's not … Continue reading 15 Photos From When I Lived In Hawaii

Frigid Frog Shaved Ice

Today we checked out yet another spot in Austin that I had never been to before. We drive up and down South Lamar enough, so I figured it was only a matter of time before we pulled over and tried the Frigid Frog Shaved Ice truck that always caught my eye. So here's something about … Continue reading Frigid Frog Shaved Ice

3 Year Anniversary

Scott and I celebrated our three year anniversary yesterday. We had an amazing day in Austin. I cooked for my client Rose, and hung out with her nephew, watching The Office and baking cookies. It's always wonderful to see them- and since our collective group of 4 ranges in age from 11, 22, 31, and … Continue reading 3 Year Anniversary