3 Year Anniversary

Scott and I celebrated our three year anniversary yesterday. We had an amazing day in Austin. I cooked for my client Rose, and hung out with her nephew, watching The Office and baking cookies. It’s always wonderful to see them- and since our collective group of 4 ranges in age from 11, 22, 31, and 53, it just goes to show that age is nothing but a number.  After that, we headed out for bubble tea at a food truck on South First.

There are tons of food trucks on South First- Holy Cacao cake balls, a mobile Torchy’s Tacos, a famous BBQ truck that always sells out by mid-afternoon, a little Thai Food truck… Scott and I don’t usually eat at these, since we (a) don’t eat fried food and (b) need to see the ingredients in EVERYTHING before we eat it. (My brother teases us for this relentlessly).


I ordered a honeydew bubble tea, and it was one of the best ones I’ve ever had. I love Bubble Me Bubble Tea! I also got a Korean dessert that I remember from Hawaii called a “bing su.” It had condensed milk, adzuki beans, pineapple, shave ice, and colorful mochi.


We went over to east sixth street after that, where our friend Logan was going to meet us. Logan is from Oahu, so we always chat about things and places Scott the Long Islander doesn’t understand. Logan’s also just one of the best dudes ever. Seeing him makes you have a better day- one of those kinds of people.


Logan opened the gate and we headed back to what are arguably the most exclusive ramps in Austin- the Terrible One ramps. A backyard skatepark that BMX dreams are made of, with seclusion from neighbors and 9 foot steep quarters.


Scott had a quick private session back there. I climbed up onto the ramp, a very comfortable location for me after my years at skate parks in New York, and watched Scott ride. He warmed up on these huge, legendary ramps while I sat with Logan and drank bubble tea.


Later on, we went for dinner at another food truck. This time the very fancy G’raj Mahal food truck on Red River. We were groaning at all of the bar going people wandering around downtown, texting and walking into traffic and generally being annoying. But G’raj Mahal is like a little oasis in a neighborhood packed with bars. The food was amazing, and it was the perfect place to go.


We capped the night off watching Anthony Bourdain on The Layover- the New York episode! with my brother. I brought him the rest of the Indian beignets from G’raj Mahal, and a hat from Logan at T1. The three of us relaxed on the couch and laughed at Bourdain’s rampant alcoholism & humor, and celebrated three good years.

We saw so many of our friends on our three year, and talked about our life to come. It was an absolutely perfect day. We’ve worked so hard for what we have, and it is just amazing what that can get you.


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