Scott’s Birthday/Best tacos & coffee in ATX

Happy bday to my partner! I surprisingly talk a lot about RuPaul.

Pirate Bikes

One of the reasons I chose to go to Southwestern University was the bikes. It's something they're known for- they call them the Pirate bikes. All over Southwestern's beautiful, Hogwarts-y campus are bright yellow cruiser bikes. If you find one, you just get on it and ride to your next class or dorm. When I saw … Continue reading Pirate Bikes



I have spent some time wondering how to recap some of the most fun, most action packed couple days of my life. This past weekend was the biggest events in BMX, and everyone involved in the industry and sport came out. I decided to break down my posts into parts, since so much went on and … Continue reading TEXAS TOAST WEEKEND RECAP: Part 1


A few nights ago, Scott and I went to what was technically a pool party. Except it was cold out, and there was no water in the pool. I thought back through my life in Hawaii and New Jersey, and realized I had actually never hung out at a drained pool party. You would think … Continue reading GNARNIA POOL PARTY

3 Year Anniversary

Scott and I celebrated our three year anniversary yesterday. We had an amazing day in Austin. I cooked for my client Rose, and hung out with her nephew, watching The Office and baking cookies. It's always wonderful to see them- and since our collective group of 4 ranges in age from 11, 22, 31, and … Continue reading 3 Year Anniversary

X-Games Austin Rally

Tonight was the very wild Keep X-Games Weird rally in downtown Austin. I had completely forgotten about this event and was planning on going for my run when Scott called. He told me that he was riding in the event, and I should come down. It was like 6 PM, so I knew traffic would … Continue reading X-Games Austin Rally