A few nights ago, Scott and I went to what was technically a pool party.

Except it was cold out, and there was no water in the pool.


I thought back through my life in Hawaii and New Jersey, and realized I had actually never hung out at a drained pool party. You would think I would have, but I must have mixed my own memories with an episode of Rocket Power or something.

Or my old favorites, Dogtown and The Z Boys or Lords of Dogtown.

At any rate, this was an awesome way to spend an night with the Gnarnia crew (oh and click that link to see some amazing shots from the pool- Colby and some of the other guys got in the bowl with a fish eye lens and the shots came out sick as usual). Just in case anyone ever invites you to hang out with a bunch of skaters and BMX riders at a drained pool, don’t say no.



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