Photo Trip 1: Mount Bonnell

After driving up a windy, almost crumbling road in Austin, you arrive at the entrance of Mount Bonnell. There are cars parked everywhere and signs to lock your stuff, and then there are the majestic stone steps that lead to one of the best views in our city. It’s a romantic spot, and a beautiful one, with a really rustic Texas vibe and the river down below.



We took Derek up here, knowing that his photographer side would just have a field day. We set up the tripod and took some long overdue group pics, too. Some nice & some gangster. I prefer the second pic- I look so tough! In my bunny sweatshirt…

1381338_10201591602446388_630375412_n 1395210_10201591602046378_1433088275_n

Derek wanted to get the best shot possible while up here.


…So he climbed up.


Get out there and explore!



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