Photo Trip 2: Penny Back Bridge

The second spot we took our friend Derek for photographic purposes was Penny Back Bridge, or the 360 Bridge. We parked along the side of the highway. Derek joked, “Wow, a highway! It’s quieter than highways in New Jersey. Thanks for bringing me here.”

Then we hiked his sarcastic ass up the side of the limestone cliffs and to the top.


He spent the next hour running around, setting up his tripod and agonizing over the perfect shot. We stayed on until it was dark out and we had to use our iphone flashlights to hike back to the car.


1375693_2609498360240_441892959_n 1380366_2609496920204_783208536_n

Derek took some long exposure shots at night with the traffic- check them out on his site here.



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