Scott’s Birthday/Best tacos & coffee in ATX

Happy bday to my partner! I surprisingly talk a lot about RuPaul.

Fun, Work, & Why 2014 Already Rules

 I would say a hallmark of being 23 is a lot of doubt, insecurity, and pressure. Society says I should be done with my Bachelor's degree, done with my Master's, in an entry level position at an office somewhere, wearing pencil skirts, and driving a car I own. Well, I gotta tell you, none of … Continue reading Fun, Work, & Why 2014 Already Rules



2013: A LOOK BACK I am inspired to do this list by YouTube darling Tyler Oakley's 100 Things I Did This Year video. If you're not a fan of Tyler, aka the Queen of YouTube and the internet, I'll fill you in- Tyler is an extremely likable gay guy from Michigan making it big through … Continue reading NEW YEAR’S EVE RETROSPECTIVE

Sunday Catch Up

With what I do for work, it seems like I am always logged into someone else's wordpress account! Today is the day I have logged out of my client's websites and am finally here to catch you guys up on my December. First, I bought the most amazing reindeer Christmas plates from Target. They are … Continue reading Sunday Catch Up

25 Facts About Me

Hello! Remember this from Facebook? Well, my good friend Rose from This Day Right Now (go follow her!) just posted one of these, and I was reminded of how efficiently you get to know someone through it. I never did one of these when they were big on FB, and I've always loved lists, so … Continue reading 25 Facts About Me


TEXAS TOAST WEEKEND RECAP: Part four. Imagine if the Academy Awards were all about the best of BMX, and you have the... NORA CUP AWARDS! Sunday night after the Texas Toast finals, the Oscar's of BMX took place at Emo's east. Derek, Scott and I drove over there and were SHOCKED by the hundreds of … Continue reading NORA CUP 2013


ODYSSEY BMX'S TEXAS TOAST JAM The reason everyone is in Austin. The biggest BMX contest in the country. A nod to everyone in the know, from Texas Toast stamped Flat Track coffee cups, to booths showcasing with the newest Fairdale bicycles. This is the street course on Sunday during finals. And that's our friend Darryl … Continue reading TEXAS TOAST RECAP: Part 3


As apart of TEXAS TOAST WEEKEND RECAP: PART 2, I have to begin where it begins for me. Which is cooking and baking alllll afternoon for Friday night's.... GNARNIA BMX HALF ALIVE VIDEO PREMIERE! So Scott and Derek were out all afternoon at the skate park, riding and shooting photos and eating Whole Foods tacos … Continue reading GNARNIA HALF ALIVE PARTY


I have spent some time wondering how to recap some of the most fun, most action packed couple days of my life. This past weekend was the biggest events in BMX, and everyone involved in the industry and sport came out. I decided to break down my posts into parts, since so much went on and … Continue reading TEXAS TOAST WEEKEND RECAP: Part 1


A few nights ago, Scott and I went to what was technically a pool party. Except it was cold out, and there was no water in the pool. I thought back through my life in Hawaii and New Jersey, and realized I had actually never hung out at a drained pool party. You would think … Continue reading GNARNIA POOL PARTY