The reason everyone is in Austin. The biggest BMX contest in the country. A nod to everyone in the know, from Texas Toast stamped Flat Track coffee cups, to booths showcasing with the newest Fairdale bicycles.

This is the street course on Sunday during finals. And that’s our friend Darryl Nau emceeing in some purple patterned pants.



On Saturday, Derek and I were slow getting out of the house and went to Bouldin Creek Cafe for lunch before heading to Toast. We watched the street qualifying through the chain link fence, and then watched some riding on the Hoffman half pipe. Some of our friends, Stoney and French Mike, were up on top of this huge ramp making me nervous.


On Sunday, I brought my friend Rose with us. Derek ran off to take pictures, and Scott found us a great spot to watch. Rose proceeded to cover her eyes and say, “Poor baby!” whenever anyone went down. While the crowd encouraged one rider to try a trick again and again until he nailed it, Rose insisted he was too tired and worried about him. It was very enjoyable to see her perspective on this rowdy competition.


Here is Scott with Rose afterwards. Rose is wearing her new Sunday hat.


And here is Rose with me, taken near the Fairdale giraffe that I really wanted to take home.


Note again just how BMX I am dressed.  Also Rose wore high heels. I guess she has never seen RAD… You never know what’s going to happen when you get bikes in a lumber yard!

lumberyard chase

Another amazing Toast. I really enjoyed all the photos that have been posted since, especially here at The Albion.

Also if you haven’t seen Rad, watch it here!



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