Imagine if the Academy Awards were all about the best of BMX, and you have the…



Sunday night after the Texas Toast finals, the Oscar’s of BMX took place at Emo’s east. Derek, Scott and I drove over there and were SHOCKED by the hundreds of people outside Emo’s. There were hundreds of young men in typical Austin clothing wrapped around both sides of the building, and come on, this is coming off of Texas Toast and a few weeks before that, ACL, where we were used to seeing massive crowds at every turn.


We didn’t go to the end of the line cause we had some friends right up front, and waited for about half an hour. Once we were inside, it was madness. Adam Roye was up on the stage DJing, and there were mini red carpets where everyone took pictures.



Scott went to the bar and ordered me my typical pink and embarassingly girly Vodka Cherry Sour that I always get at bars (and it took me a lot of trial and error to even get to this point where I have a go-to mix drink!) and PBR for Derek.

We danced and mingled with our friends, and I caught up with Mischa and Nina (us below, photo by Derek).


Then once the crowd was good and rowdy, Darryl Nau and Steve Crandall took the stage to begin the awards.


The awards were so much fun. I loved cheering along with the crowd, and I actually knew some of the names, clips, and videos from living in a BMX house. I mean, the boys put on Talk Is Cheap at MY birthday party. I’ve seen Dakota Roche’s three part clip masterpiece a hundred times, so of course I stamped my feet and let out a Hawaiian “Chee Hee” when I saw it nominated on screen. It was a really amazing feeling out in the crowd.


Then later on, Scott escorted me to the lady’s room, and I spotted Darryl coming out of backstage. It’s always a good day when we reunite with Darryl!

He was wearing a powder blue suit and was killing it announcing, and it was a real treat to grab a minute with him. Scott and Darryl have been friends since the late 90s in Long Island. GOD, I would love to see pictures from back then…


Another real highlight of the night was when the DJ played “Sha-Shabba Ranks,” which Derek had put on our Texas Toast Weekend CD and we had been BLASTING on the way over. We lost it and started dancing and singing along.

Then Derek climbed up on stage and took some footage of the crowd. Scott and I had been looking for him, ready to go since Scott has work at 6 AM, and thinking he’s in the bathroom. BUT NO! Dude is up on stage with his camera, dancing to Juicy J and Jay-Z.

Best night of my life.

We danced the whole drive home.



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