Gargantuan Green Grape

This is probably the most controversial nail polish I own. I saw it at Target in Florida a few weeks ago, and I was like, cute and different green, you’re coming home with me! It is a nice pale green color, like a pastel lime. I painted my nails and took a pic for instagram and hash-tagged the photo (the usual) and then checked out the other images under #gargantuangreengrape.


Girls were MAD. Apparently I had chosen a side in one of OPI’s biggest errors. You see, there is a new version of GGG, and it’s a pale blue that doesn’t fit its name at all. And then at select Targets, you could still buy the old version, which is what I did. I think the formulas were even different, with the greener one coming out a little thick.

The sky blue was an insult to these girls on Insta, who loved the classic green one, and they didn’t want two bottles of the same name in their collection. As I wade deeper into the world of nail polish collecting, I can sort of agree. At any rate, seeing a gorgeous sky blue nail polish called Green Grape is disturbing.

There are tons of posts about this color confusion on tumblr, and every other image is different- some sky blue, some easter green. It’s kind of funny, since normally OPI colors apply consistently enough that everyone’s shot of Lincoln Park After Dark is going to look about the same.

At any rate, it took a couple coats and a while to dry, and I am definitely on team Green Green Grape.


For reference, here is the more sky blue version.


Which do you prefer?



4 thoughts on “Gargantuan Green Grape

  1. That is so strange! They could have just released it as a different colour and there would be no confusion…I wonder why it was changed…I have to admit I really do like the blue one though!

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