Florida Trip

About three or four times a year, I fly to Fort Lauderdale, Florida and visit my 90-year old grandfather. I stay on the couch at the senior living facility and eat down in the dining room with all of the elderly folk every night.

I love it.


It’s also a Marriott Hotel that they converted to a senior living facility, so it’s gorgeous. Boca Raton is a nice place to go, as I learned first from Uncle Junior on The Sopranos.


^ Here is my Pop at dinner with the root beer float that he ordered off-menu. He does what he wants!


He is the coolest. Look at those shades! He prefers a golf shirt with a pocket, so he can store his glasses and pens. Now that the weather is cooling down in Florida, I think he’s going to start painting on his apartment’s balcony again.

Four things I learned from this past Florida trip:

1. The Giants are NOT going anywhere this season. (We watched a lot of football).

2. Always avoid fires, unless you have a bag of marshmallows.

3. Dinner includes wine, soup, salad, dinner, dessert, and decaf coffee!

4. Keep smiling. There is no reason to complain & things always get better if you just keep going.


I’m already eager to get back!


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