Sunday Catch Up

With what I do for work, it seems like I am always logged into someone else’s wordpress account! Today is the day I have logged out of my client’s websites and am finally here to catch you guys up on my December.

First, I bought the most amazing reindeer Christmas plates from Target. They are meant for kids, but who cares! They are perfect for lunches. Here’s a whole wheat pita with some white cheddar, paprika chicken, and steamed zucchini (plus a handful of cracked pepper kettle chips…) that I ate last week.IMG_5761

Also, I discovered a new tea while at Central Market. I love Texas Teas, and drink the peach one all summer long. I had to try the new cantaloupe one, although the final verdict is that it is super weird.IMG_5837

Scott and I had a fun dinner out at the beginning of this month, at Zocalo’s in Clarksville. We got queso and margaritas to celebrate our new living arrangement. It’s just us now! Perfect reason to eat all the celebratory queso they had in the restaurant!


Also, I decoupaged the desk that we salvaged from the trash this summer. We had found it on a curb outside of an abandoned office building, with a bunch of other desks. I had been saving it for when I go out to university in January, as the spot where I’ll put on my make up.


This month I also tried my hand at white bean kale stew. First I made it for my personal chef client, and after taste testing it, I knew I would have to make it for myself. It’s just a can of white cannelli beans, herbed chicken, about two cups of cut up kale, chicken broth, and some minced garlic that I cooked in olive oil until golden. I added brown rice as well.


I have been checking out different boutiques in Austin with my friend Rose as apart of our preliminary work for the THIS DAY RIGHT NOW 2013 GIFT GUIDE (check it out here, it will begin on Monday!!!). We ran all over the place trying to find unique, amazing gifts that will work for the hard to buy for people & everyone else! Here’s a shot of a cute shop in central Austin.


My mom gave me back a painting that my grandfather made me when I was ten, of my favorite flower. He used to take me to see the sunflowers growing in New Jersey during the summer growing up, and this is my favorite painting. It’s currently in my kitchen.


We also had to say goodbye to our best friends at the start of this month. It was very sad. Tears were shed outside of Veggie Heaven. They’re onto their next adventure, in El Paso.988776_2634967996965_1120664064_n

Also, this guy is still flying. Although less often now that it’s 32 degrees in Austin.tumblr_mv148fKPbK1qln1ymo1_500


I am still procrastinating about getting my car inspected. I bought my first Nars lipstick, in Future Red. I discovered the Bath & Body Works outlet in Round Rock, which is just a problem for me.

I promise I will post more often.

Happy December!



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