10 Things That Are Always Worth The Extra Money

With this holiday season of buying and shopping, I was thinking that there are some things that are always worth the extra money.

1. The good red lipstick.

I’ve spent too much money on $4 and $5 lipsticks that I never wear because of their low quality.

2. The direct flight.

My brother will fly into Chicago via DC to Florida (ILLOGICAL) and deal with layovers and nauseating 40 minute Houston-to-Austin flights where you never get to turn on your phone. I can’t. Give me the direct flight for a hundred more. 

3. Tipping your server well!

4. Nice tights.

I regret the tights I bought from Forever 21. My nice HUE ones last winter after winter.

5. The more expensive trash bags, tin foil, brooms, and mops.

These are some household items where I’ve bought the knock off, cheapest version, and then experienced the nicer brands and said, ‘Wow, tin foil isn’t supposed to just shred everywhere? Who knew!’ And ‘Wow, this mop isn’t disintegrating while I’m using it!’ I also ONLY buy the good trash bags. A luxury I’ll never regret.

6. Your favorite toothpaste.

If you have sensitive teeth, don’t buy the crest one just cause it’s on sale. My all natural toothpaste is $4.99, so it always feels like an investment, but it’s tasty, whitening, and flouride & artificial sweetener free. Worth it!

7. Cage-free organic eggs.

8. Shoes.

I’ve learned the hard way that it is way better to spend the $100 on a great pair than have hurt feet from a $30 pair. My partner has learned this too- shoes from the Vans outlet take way longer to break in for riding than his favorite pair from the bike shop.

9. The second margarita during happy hour.

10. Giving money to a charity you like.

I’ve given money to the classic charities that peak a teen-twenty-something’s interest, like World Wildlife Foundation, where you get a stuffed animal in return for “adopting” a Sumatran rhino. And even if it’s only $10, it is always worth the extra money to give to something you believe in.

What are your items that are worth the extra money?

Do you splurge on any of these things regularly? Are you in the direct flight only club?

-Watch out for Friday the 13th tomorrow!



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