China Glaze: Thistle Do Nicely

Hey everyone!

Another day, another neon nail polish.

I’m starting to think there’s a pattern in what nail polishes I buy. I own approximately ONE sheer nail polish, and the rest are basically super-bright cremes. China Glaze is especially good for this bright and eye-catching look I like so much.


Today I’m showing off a great spring polish! It’s “Thistle Do Nicely.”  I find it to be a coral-pink. It is another TOUGH color to photograph accurately, but I think these swatches do this bright baby justice.

Those are not chips, just light reflection!

This is one of those eye-catching colors that garners compliments. I’ve complimented women wearing it (this is one of those unique shades I can actually clock while out and about- although admitting how nail polish obsessed I am is a little scary), and I’ve gotten compliments on this one from cashiers at Target or wherever. It’s beautiful on the nails!


Of course, like with all China Glaze neons, I think this would look amazing as a pedicure color. This polish application was two easy coats and a seche vite quick dry top coat to finish it off. It’s such an easy formula that I didn’t need to be careful, and it still came out looking pretty damn good. I sometimes apply very thin, even coats and let them fully dry before moving on, but this one was easy to work with.

I think this is one of those nice China Glaze polishes that fills in a gap in my collection. I edited the photo below as much as I could to get ACCURACY. Those swatch sticks are hard to photograph!! But I’m excited about that project.


It’s available at Sally’s for $7.29, on Amazon for $5.73, and from my favorite place, Beyond Polish, for just $3.25!! It was from a 2014 collection, and this was the only color in that spring lineup that I really liked. Some China Glaze polishes are not so fabulous. Luckily, this is not one of them. I recommend this polish! I don’t want to take it off…

Do you like Thistle Do Nicely? What do you think that name is about- just a pun on This Will Do Nicely? Hmm…

✿ Have a great day!





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