My 5 Goals for Summer 2017

Hey everyone!

Cold beer. Hot lights. My sweet romantic teenage nights!


I feel like I’m coming out of hibernation over here, and as I look around, I’m getting pretty excited for summer. I was born on July 25, so summer has always been my favorite season. Birthday parties, making plans, romance, long nights under the stars… Summer is like the lyrics of a Billy Joel song come to life, lol. I experienced my first love in the summer when I was sixteen, and met my partner Scott one hot summer in Austin, Texas. It’s just so full of potential!

With all that potential in mind, I decided to post my five goals for this summer. These are my totally attainable, manageable goals- not the huge ones that will take me all of 2017 to accomplish (like getting a literary agent, finishing my third book, or getting married)!

❤︎ First…

Run more! I haven’t been running as much since I moved to my new apartment. The neighborhood surrounding me is just so dang hilly, which makes for a much harder run! It only took one run where I got unbearably itchy from exertion to scare me away from getting back out there. Does that happen to anyone else?? I want to run Town Lake, too! That’s the beautiful 10 mile trail downtown.

❤︎ Second…

Be a tourist in my own city! To me, summer is peak Austin. It’s super hot, everything is luridly green, and people are out having a good time despite the heat. I want to go to Barton Springs, where I’ve still never been (!!!!) and picnic in Zilker Park. If you have any suggestions for stuff to do in ATX, get at me!


❤︎ Third…

Travel to at least three other places in Texas. When you live in Austin, it’s hard to leave. Austin is the healthy eating, beautiful, cultured, liberal oasis in the crazy state of Texas. But I want to go to San Antonio again (last time was to see Black Sabbath!) and see the river walk, and I want to check out the Texas State Parks. I’ve also been meaning to get to Dallas. There’s a drag show I want to see in July!

And I already know somebody who can show me a good time in Dallas! I met Lauren at a Jake & Amir live podcast this spring!


❤︎ Fourth…

Take more pictures! I have these huge stretches from spring where I wasn’t doing as much, and hardly snapped a pic for weeks on end. I am so over that! I want to take a ton of pictures this summer. I’ll be #thatgirl making my boyfriend take pics of my outfits, and with my phone hovering above my meal at restaurants. Let’s do this!

❤︎ And fifth…

Post consistently on this blog! I want to take more nail photos, since I love those, and incorporate some more current polishes. I tend to just do posts about my current polish collection, and I know it’s not cool to keep posting about totally limited edition, rare OPI collections, haha. So- I want to take fresh nail polish swatches and keep up the content on here!

What are your goals for this summer? Let me know!!

You can also tweet at me. I’d love to get in touch! I’m @taylor_dorothy.



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