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Cutting My Own Bangs at Home

Spoiler alert: I used kitchen scissors.

❀ 10 Fun Facts About Me!

#6- I don't believe in astrology. Although I am a Leo and I do like to shine...

Does this color look weird on me…?

A purple I'm not sure about... And why I'm boycotting Almay Cosmetics.

Flashback Five!

Bring me your candids, your old eyebrows, your neglected favorites from 2008...

8 Live Podcasts in 2 Days

  I think one of the best (and most unlikely) things about listening to podcasts is when they stop being a solitary activity and you get to see them live. I was so thrilled when I found out my favorite comedy duo and podcasters, Jake and Amir, were coming to Austin for their first annual podcast festival. … Continue reading 8 Live Podcasts in 2 Days


10 Things That Are Always Worth The Extra Money

With this holiday season of buying and shopping, I was thinking that there are some things that are always worth the extra money. 1. The good red lipstick. I've spent too much money on $4 and $5 lipsticks that I never wear because of their low quality. 2. The direct flight. My brother will fly … Continue reading 10 Things That Are Always Worth The Extra Money