Does this color look weird on me…?

Hey everyone!

Today I have a beautiful color on my nails.

It’s called Tokyo A Go Go by Morgan Taylor.

It checks all my boxes: bright. Neon. Creme. Good formula. It’s a unique color– a magenta purple. It should be one of my favorites, right? Hmmm….

My Purples

This polish has a great formula. It hits the sidewalls and down to the cuticles easily, and it was opaque and glossy in two coats. For this one, I didn’t fuss with a base coat, and it looked so good I deliberated over a top coat.


In the end I used a nice coat of Seche Vite quick dry top coat (my fave).


Edited so you can see the true color. It’s more purple than magenta in person, although a lot of online swatches show this one as nearly pink.


The name is cute, too. You know I like a cute name.


But really, what I’m thinking the whole time I have this one on is….

does this color look weird on me?

It’s one of two colors in my collection that I like and wear often because of the dope formula, but always think they look slightly off on me. The other color is a Morgan Taylor red (interesting that both are MTs). I think part of the problem is I probably had my nails done while picking those two shades out at Ulta, which means my boyfriend Scott volunteers as Swatch Tribute. Our skin tones are similar, but he’s Italian and slightly more golden-olive skinned, so maybe this is one of those specific shades that clashes with my pink-toned skin. And that’s okay. Not everything is FOR ME. I mean, as a young white woman in Western society, practically everything is marketed/geared towards me already. It’s actually relieving that there are mainstream polishes in my own collection I can look at and know this would look a million times better on a woman of color’s nails. Unlike in the makeup industry, nails polish is so much more inclusive and just looks good on everyone. There’s no Almay of nail polish, as far as I know. If you don’t know what I mean, look at Almay’s shade ranges and advertising. They’re so exclusionary! I’ve been boycotting them for years. Way to cater to one group, dude.


This is a cute polish with a great formula. You can throw it on and have a hot summer manicure in minutes. Morgan Taylor polishes are high quality and very opaque. And if you are a woman (or man, no judgments) of color, this shade is for you.

It’s available at Ulta for $9 (although sometimes there are sales), and here on Amare Beauty, which I’ve never used, but looks good. Morgan Taylor polishes are only $5.90 there.

Do you like it? How do you feel about a creamy neon purple?



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