Hey everyone!

Today I wanted to share eight blogs I just love. They are pretty diverse, so there’s probably something you’ll like in here!


A few years ago, Cara won a blogger of the year award from Allure magazine, and it was well deserved. Her blog is just so informative! There are posts that you can’t help but click on (like how to look thinner in photos, or the ultimate guide to fixing under-eye circles), and great graphics. She’s a pro at having an interesting blog. (She’s also absurdly beautiful)



Rebekah’s blog is like a trip to the beach. She has such a unique POV and aesthetic. She’s also a MUST FOLLOW on Instagram. I’ve been a fan for years! She’s like sunshine and salty skin come to life on your computer screen. She does posts like her latest inspirations, or workouts to get you out of a bad mood.



This blog is run by two beauty loving ladies in Canada. I am especially obsessed with the nail posts. Manigeek is a huge inspiration to me. She does the best swatches in the game, for sure. Whenever I am thinking about buying a polish, I check her reviews out first!



Oh, this is an easy one. Sharleen Joynt, opera singer, style icon, and former Bachelor contestant writes AMAZING posts about each episode of the Bachelor/ette, and brings a unique fashion perspective to each recap. She knows tons of behind the scenes stuff, and does a best dressed list each time, including where to get the cute clothes seen on the show. What more can you ask for?? When I first found her site, I went back and read every post she’d ever done.



This fitness blog is run by Teri, who is just adorable and so likable. I cruise her blog for health and running inspiration pretty often! My favorite posts are her recipes, like her chopped chicken rainbow salad, but she has great fashion posts, too!



A Jersey girl living in New York City, showing off affordable and incredibly well put-together outfits on the daily. Her blog is really clean, and her style is slightly whimsical (like this hat & lace up ballet flats combo, or these palm tree shorts). I definitely check her page out for OOTD inspiration!



This girl’s blog is NEXT LEVEL. She has some of the most irresistible blog posts, like the 19 Most Instagram-worthy Spots in Seattle, or where to eat late at night in Austin. It’s mostly food & restaurant posts, but she also covers lifestyle, travel, and more– I think she gets more hours in the day than the rest of us!



Deliciously Declassified just posted these sprinkle cookies for the 4th of July, and I totally want to make them. That’s how I feel about all her recipes, like creamy oreo pops and baked General Tso’s Chicken! It’s the kind of food blog where you just keep clicking and clicking until you have a dozen tabs open and a long, crazy grocery list in front of you!


I hope that this helps you discover some other cool spots on the Internet. It can be surprisingly hard to find cute blogs, but it’s so worth it when you find someone’s page that you just love. I always subscribe via email so I don’t forget about them, as well as bookmark them. And while you’re here, you should bookmark my page! 🙂

What are your favorite blogs?? Let me know!!



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