Ugh… It’s Essie Style Cartel

Hey everyone!

Today I’ve got a polish that breaks my “Oh, I love everything!’ streak. See, I’m not positive ALL the time. I hate stuff. I dislike stuff. I’ve had a lot of winning nail polishes on my blog lately, but then came Style Cartel.

This polish came in my Beyond Polish order, and I picked it out based on swatches I found on google. The color looked like a shiny navy blue, like Russian Navy by OPI but lighter and bluer.

Here’s how it looks on my nails- not bad, right?


Except the formula is not great. It’s a runny, thick, squishy formula all at once- streaky on the first coat, and totally opaque in two. It was not the easiest to work with. And the more I applied, the more disappointed I got in the color and finish. It has a jelly look to it, so it’s lighter in some parts, like at the base of the nail.


See how the tips are all covered in little scratches and chips, and it’s pulling back from the nail? I didn’t do that! I took these swatches just a few hours after application, and I didn’t use Seche Vite quick dry, which does have a tendency to make polish shrink back from nails. It’s a finicky little polish, I guess.


It was so promising, too. It doesn’t need a top coat, and everyone seemed to love this one when it came out in fall of 2014.


I also find this color to be SO lackluster. Maybe it just clashes with my skin tone, but it’s like this polish can’t pick a lane. Are you a dark sultry navy, or a fun bright blue? It’s riding that middle line too much for me. It has a weird dusty undertone that just turns me off every time I look down at my mani.


I’ve read descriptions of this color where it gets called cobalt, which is cray, and navy, which, okay, I guess… Sure. It’s an indigo blue with a jelly creme formula. How is this one not right up my alley?? Maybe I’m just being too picky now that I’m reviewing more polishes, more seriously. I also think my photos make it look better than it is, which tends to happen when the lighting is good & my nails are long.

But still. This one gets an ‘ugh’ from me across the board. Not a great formula, not a great finish, and a color that looks weird on me. Anyone want to come take this one off my hands?

Let me know what you think! And are there any hyped colors that you tried and just couldn’t stand?




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