Cutting My Own Bangs at Home

Hey everyone!

The title of this blog post is not click bait. I full on took scissors to my head this weekend. I’ve been thinking about bangs for months, and now that it’s summer, I was really ready. Why not, right? I had to dye my hair, anyway, so why not have my own little salon night?

This was my inspiration:


Longish, side swept, super blonde, and piecey. I don’t really love the way I look with blunt bangs. I cut them myself back in 2011 after watching too much Californication.

Photo 313

I also didn’t really know how to style bangs or anything, so no wonder I got sick of them quickly. Side bar- I cut these bangs and promptly got on a plane to visit my grandfather WITHOUT a blow dryer, straightener, anything. I had a week of air dried, wavy, Florida-humidity bangs. Yikes!

So this weekend, I watched a ton of tutorials on how to cut your hair at home, and they all emphasize using nice sheers from Sally’s or wherever. But whatever. I used the orange scissors I’ve had on my desk for 10 years. They are REALLY good scissors, at least. I’ve trusted them for years while cutting up magazines and whatnot. Hahah.

Here’s how I looked the day I cut them, my BEFORE shot:


My hair was curled, and I had Ruby Woo on so it’s a good before. Glad I took this shot, because I didn’t realize I’d have a different look the next day! But I realized I’ve had this same growing-out long layers look since 2014. That is just WAY too long. Change time!

Here is the first after:


Very long side swept bangs. I felt different, but I didn’t actually look different enough for anyone to really notice. And note- I said FIRST cut because if you’ve ever cut your bangs at home, you know you go back again later and snip some more. It’s just the law.

Here’s after my second finishing touches:


(The color came out great too, right? I tried a different blonde and I love it! I also added the tiniest bit of pink to my ends.)

And then I went back AGAIN and decided these weren’t short enough for real bangs. This was just a swoopier version of what I already had. So I picked the scissors back up…

Here’s my finished look!



It’s even more dramatic in person! I’m so happy with my new bangs!

It really wasn’t very hard, and I went slowly. That’s the whole trick to cutting your own hair- have a vision, and go slow. I really like how this came out! And I feel so much happier with a fresh look. It definitely wasn’t as scary or hard as I thought it would be to get little side bangs like this, and I’m glad I didn’t go with the blunt bangs. If you want to try something like this, just go for it. It’s just hair. I’d recommend going to a professional if you can afford it (please do!!!), but this was a fun alternative for my own little spa night.

What do you guys think? Have you ever cut your hair at home?

I should probably invest in real hair cutting shears to keep this look up.



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