X-Games Austin Rally

Tonight was the very wild Keep X-Games Weird rally in downtown Austin. I had completely forgotten about this event and was planning on going for my run when Scott called. He told me that he was riding in the event, and I should come down. It was like 6 PM, so I knew traffic would be horrendous & parking near the capitol building would be even worse! But I am so glad that I hopped in my car and made the effort.

I wore a black tank dress from H&M, white denim vest from Forever 21, my bird locket charm necklace, and brown walking clogs in case I had to park far away! It took me 40 minutes to get downtown- stupid traffic, windows-down heat, firetrucks, Blues on The Green event backup, etc. It normally takes me 15 minutes!

Scott was up on the ramp with all the other BMX riders and skateboarders when I walked across the capitol lawn. It was really cool to see him up there instead of in the crowd.

Aww. We were at the event from 6-9 PM. It was Austin-hot, and I hung out with some very cool girls. At first I hung out on the sides of the skate/bike course, behind the gates, like a normal spectator. But since Scott was riding & knows the guy in charge (of course), I got to watch from the actual course!

My new view:

Eventually all of the riders got kicked off of the course except for the big pros in Austin, like Tom Dugan, Aaron Ross, Chase Hawk, Joseph Frans, and my boyfriend. Yeah! Scott was asked to ride in the demo with the pros! It was very exciting and cool. He was amazing! Making Machine Bikes (and me) very proud.

He was wearing his black Cult tank top, which was good for me since he was the only one in a black tank top & I could pick him out in the crowd. Here is a shot of him flying through the sky in downtown ATX.

I love living in an amazing city where stuff like this seems to just happen all the time. Yes, the bad traffic is incredibly annoying- there is always a huge weekend festival occurring that just jams up Lamar and Loop One to a nauseating degree. “Oh, take the back roads downtown cause it’s Eeyore’s Birthday/Reggae Fest/ACL/Rot Rally/SXSW…”

But now we can hopefully add X-GAMES to our list! There is no better city on earth to host them. All of the BMX pros are already here! 🙂


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