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The Bachelor Contestant Survey

In preparation for Nick Viall's season of The Bachelor premiering soon, I started reading the profiles of his Bachelorettes on ABC's website. And as usual, it's hugely entertaining. Some of the girls' answers are laugh out loud funny. But really, would mine be any better? I fill out the biography questionnaire below for fun. Contestant … Continue reading The Bachelor Contestant Survey


Loving Lately…

Things I Love Lately: A General List of Pop Culture and Delicious Snacks And go! 1. Inside Amy on Comedy Central, and the fabulous Amy Schumer. Every single Wednesday morning I watched Tuesday night's episode on demand, like twice in a row. 2. If I'm going to be throwing the word "fabulous" around, then I … Continue reading Loving Lately…

X-Games Austin Rally

Tonight was the very wild Keep X-Games Weird rally in downtown Austin. I had completely forgotten about this event and was planning on going for my run when Scott called. He told me that he was riding in the event, and I should come down. It was like 6 PM, so I knew traffic would … Continue reading X-Games Austin Rally

So much has been happening!

Summertime. It is my favorite time of year. I love the dry, sunshiney heat of Austin in the summer, and that I never have to flat-iron my hair and that school is out until August. (Although I have my impending senior sociology Capstone looming over my head- NOO!) Summer means my birthday, which is my … Continue reading So much has been happening!