In April, I wrote a blog post called “Unpopular Opinions.” And tonight, while neurotically sifting back through my blog, I reread this post.

There are SO many inaccuracies!

I guess at 22 years old, my life and who I am changes pretty quickly. For example, I have very recently developed obsessions with: looking at MAC lipsticks online, lipstick in general, tank tops with built in bras, liquid eyeliner pens, reddit, and comfortable footwear. I think about these things and I’m like, who am I?? When did I start liking The Kardashians and spending hours on

So I wanted to clarify my unpopular opinions post, since I’ve absolutely changed my mind! And you are always free to change your mind.

Especially about silly shit like TV!

1. Michael Scott is my favorite character on The Office, before Robert California. Although really Erin is always #1 & DON’T YOU FORGET IT!


2. I like Parks & Recreation now. It has the best cast ever! I am so sorry I ever talked bad about it!


3. Oh, I DEFINITELY eat onions now. I have completely overcome my hatred of onions, especially caramelized ones on burgers.


Believe me, I had good reason to hate onions. One time, when I was at the diner after church with my brother and grandpa (about ten years ago, when I still went to church & we all lived in New Jersey), I recieved my order of chocolate chip pancakes with ONIONS IN THEM.

It’s still one of my grandfather’s favorite stories to tell. I was traumatized. We never went to that diner again. And if you’re from New Jersey, you know that pulling a diner with a good location out of rotation is a BIG DEAL.

4. Broccoli is NOT my favorite food. Just because you eat something every single day and love it doesn’t make it your favorite. I always think apples are my favorite, too, but your favorite food should be like last meal kind of favorite, not it’s-on-every-grocery-list-I-make favorite!

That being said- CAKE is my favorite food. I haven’t decided between cake, cake balls, cupcakes, and mini cakes like they have at Whole Foods. But I’m pretty sure any of it would do.


I think the rest of the list still stands. I will probably feel different about everything again next month, because apparently that is what being 22 is about. Do you change your mind about things often? Do you have a really good favorite food?

That’s it for me! I’m going to watch some Parks & Rec and look at lipsticks online!


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