Yesterday I had blogged about my favorite foods, finally deciding on cake. And while cake is good, and I love those special days when I treat myself to a cake ball or something, there are SO MANY things that I like better! A scan through my iPhoto was the perfect reminder. So really, for the sake of food porn alone, here are my top 5 favorite foods.

1. Love Crunch BANANA BREAD GRANOLA by Nature’s Path. It has been discontinued since about March, and I mourn it every day. It is my number one favorite food item.


2. In second place, we have the unique & amazing white chocolate marshmallow cones from Whole Foods (Austin)


Different than:


Which are still pretty good.

3. For an actual substantial meal and not just sugar, I’ve got to give it to: mild Vegetable Tikka Masala from New India in downtown Austin.


We used to eat here all the time until that became financially irresponsible. I LOVE this fattening, creamy Indian curry with some garlic naan. The best.

4. Churros.image

Really, need I say more? Zocalos, where I get them, serves them with some kind of sweet cream and a chocolate sauce. So bad. So good.

5. And finally: Central Market pesto on whole wheat pasta with fresh mozzarella and veggies. image

What crazy items (see: marshmallow cones) are in your top 5?

Okay, seriously now, it’s time for dinner.


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