Eyeshadow Palette Haul: Lorac Mega Pro 4!

Hey everyone!

I remember first hearing about Lorac’s Mega Pro palette years ago, when the first one came out. I was a new makeup addict and frequenter of Reddit’s Makeup Addiction community, and since I was new to that level of makeup love, I was just buying drugstore products. Lots of NYX. Doing lots of research on which select prestige items to splurge on at Ulta or Sephora. There was no way I was going to spend $60 on an eyeshadow palette when I was just teaching myself how to do a halo eye with my $5 Wet N Wild palette (although I’ve got to shout out the Wet N Wild Comfort Zone palettes– it’s some of the best eyeshadow I’ve got, years later!). I admired it and wanted a Mega Pro in that distant way I also want a Cartier love bracelet. As in, I’ll pin it on Pinterest, but it’s not going on my Christmas list πŸ˜‚

The original Mega Pro:


Looking at it now, I can’t help but notice how far we’ve come with palettes in the last few years. Anastasia Beverly Hills palettes have certainly pushed us into including more interesting colors in everyday collections. Now I wouldn’t even want the Mega Pro! There’s no pop of interesting color or anything. It’s very basic. I can see if it’s going to be your only eyeshadows, but otherwise it’s just shimmer and matte versions of the same colors… πŸ€”

All of this is to say that I’ve become obsessed with the Mega Pros in recent years, and now own 3 and 4! Mega Pro 4 just joined my family this past week, and I am in love with it. I have a really cool look I did with it that I’ll post later in the week. It’s funny how much Lorac has evolved, while keeping shadow quality super high, and how much my makeup needs have changed the more I’ve gotten into beauty. I’ve hit pan on so many of the shades in my Mega Pro 3, which I bought last summer, and that just means I’ve been using the heck out of it since getting it! I have even higher hopes for the Mega Pro 4.

Wait until you see it!

First of all, it’s PINK! 😍

lorac mega pro 4 review

Once I realized the packaging was pink, I knew I couldn’t pass it up. It’s just so me. So girly. So cute. It’s the same size as the other Mega Pros, so it can sit next to its sister on my vanity.


It has so many fun and unique shades! Here is a picture I took of my palette so you can see all of the colors:


Compared to that Mega Pro 1, look how many more fun pops and staple shades made it into this one! It’s also much more vibrant than the Mega Pro 3, which is more rose gold themed. This one has more unique transition colors and base shades as well- cool toned whites, yellow toned beiges. It’s actually reinvigorating my makeup process because it’s more challenging and fun!


What colors in this palette do you like? Would you be interested in a big palette like this with tons of shades? Is $59 insane to spend on makeup? Wait… don’t answer that last one!! I already know! We’ve all got our vices, though, right? 😜

That moss color is calling my name. I’m off to do my makeup!



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