Mega Pro 4 Palette Look: Peacock Blue & Honey Gold

Hey everyone!

My new favorite palette is here and I’ve been using it daily. I should actually apologize to all my other makeup, including that cool Yes, Please palette I got from Colourpop. I am ignoring ALL my eyeshadows except for the Mega Pro 4. I’m just obsessed. We’re in that honeymoon phase, ya know? 😜

I recently did this peacock blue and honey gold eyeshadow look!

*If you’re like me and learn well from reading, I write out step by step what I did. If you don’t have this palette, you can still use the steps and different, similar colors. 

I did my makeup as normal, using Urban Decay eyeshadow primer on my lids first and clipping my new bangs out of my face so I could see. The face products like blush and concealer are all listed here on The Go-To.

lorac mega pro 4 look makeup beauty blog

I circled the shadows I used in this look! The white shade in the upper left corner went on my brow bone- and I had to blend it carefully since it’s blue based, but it worked well with this look. Then I applied Pink Peony, the white-pink, to my lid, and Butterscotch in my crease as my transition shade. Butterscotch is a great peachy tan, and it’s perfect for the crease so other colors blend out there easier later on.

Here’s a photo of the finished look!


I wanted to do Peacock blue all over the place but since I’m fair and blue eyed, that can get a little crazy. So I focused the dark blue-green on the outer V of my eye and did a honey gold on the inner corner, where lighter shades look better. I used that blue, Denim, on the outer part of the lid and blended it into Honey and Butterscotch. I put Peacock in my outer crease and blended it out until halfway across my eye.

lorac mega pro 4 look makeup beauty blog

Here’s how it came out when you can’t see my eyes as well, since they’re sort of hooded.


In that shot, you can see that I used a pencil brush and applied Peacock to my lower lash line, just to about the middle. Then I applied the gold the rest of the way. I applied a pale beige eyeshadow to my inner corners for highlight.

lorac mega pro 4 look makeup beauty blogIMG_E9112

I like how from some angles, the honey gold blends so softly into the peacock blue that this looks like those coveted mermaid eyes. It’s aquamarine and bold, yet wearable and easy to do! If you have any blue and gold eye shadows, you can definitely achieve something like this.


  • Get a MAC 217 brush. I use it for blending every single day.
  • Blend a LOT. Blend what you have on there, and be careful not to add too many colors or too much shadow, or it will get muddy. You can keep hitting the same spots with the same colors and buffing it out in little circular motions.
  • Invest in good eyeshadows. It doesn’t need to be a $60 gigantic palette like this one, but you will see a big difference between high quality shadows and low quality ones when it comes time to blend.
  • Pick colors that work for your skin tone. Gold looks good on my coloring, so I know I can balance out a crazier color with one that’s always classic.

Did you guys like this look? I’m getting back to my Beauty Blog roots and posting more makeup looks on here! Let me know what you think. 💘





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