COLOURPOP HAUL + Look of the day!

Hey everyone!

If you’ve got an Instagram or watch beauty gurus on YouTube, then you’ve definitely heard of the brand Colourpop. I have been following and using this company’s products pretty much since the start, since I am their target demographic and am suseptible to good marketing. And also their shit is cool! And cruelty free! This time around, I really wanted the Yes, Please! palette. It sold out twice before I could get my hands on it, after waiting months for the restock! It’s in stock right now if you like it.



I remembered from my first CP order that they include a cute note. Although I ordered from them so long ago that my first note was hand written and had my name on it! Now it’s all printed since they do so much business. This one was fall themed! I am definitely saving this and sticking it on my bulletin board.

colourpop yes please palette review haul

Inside my adorable box: three Supershock shadows, an Ultra Satin Lip my brother’s girlfriend suggested, and the cute AF palette!



I got to work with the Yes, Please! palette right away. I ordered it mostly for that yellow (I love a yellow shadow and a good one is hard to find!) and did a look revolving around that color.

I kept the rest of my makeup look simple- concealer, lip gloss, winged liner.

For details of what other products I used, you can check out the Go To, where the few products I use and love are listed.


It’s kind of a sunset look! Since the palette features a lot of warm tones in rust, red, orange, peach and yellow shades, I played with that color family. I did yellow all over the lid, and blended it out with my beloved MAC 217 blending brush using the orange shade.


I love how the orange blends into the yellow. I focused the peachy orange in my crease and buffed it out in little circular motions.

colourpop yes please palette review

Thoughts on the palette:

These eye shadows are incredibly easy to work with! I regularly use the Lorac Mega Pro 3 palette, and sometimes reach for my Urban Decay Naked Palette or other random shadows in my stash. I don’t use a lot of drug store brand products, since they either don’t perform as well for me or aren’t cruelty free. But this palette, at only $16, performed like a luxury palette! The eyeshadows all blended amazingly.

And yellow eyeshadow is notoriously difficult to get right. They are almost always too sheer, since they’re so light and pastels are harder to formulate. But this yellow was so easy to apply to opacity in just one stroke. I could pack on more for a more vivid look, and actually had to be careful with some of the orange shades because they were SO damn pigmented.



Pigmentation:ย 9/10. The pigmentation is insane, except for the orange shimmery color in the bottom of the palette. It’s the only color I can’t get to show up.

Blendability: 10/10. These colors blend out and blend together better than some of my high end shadows, like my Nars singles.

Performance:ย 9/10. This palette does exactly what I wanted, but again I have to dock for that one orange shimmer.

Colors working together: Another 10/10. I could travel with this palette since I could do looks with just these shades 100%.

Inspiring: 10/10. I open this palette and tons of different looks come to me, and I want to use it every day!

The yellow eyeshadow: 10000/10. I love you, yellow. I’m going to hit pan on this baby so fast. It might just be me, but I think yellow makes my blue eyes pop like CRAZY! And it blends out so well, and looks great with tons of different shades…

Overall, I love this thing and am so glad I picked it up.

It’s so good I’m thinking about adding some other Colourpop colors into my cart!

A post on the Supershock shadows will be out later this week! Have you ever ordered from Colourpop? Let me know what you think in the comments, and you can always find me on Instagram! I’m @taylordorothy.



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