Lolita Lipstick + Jaclyn Hill Look

Hey everyone!

I recently did a new makeup look while following along with a YouTube beauty tutorial!

jaclyn hill look of the day beauty blogger makeup

HERE is the video I used!

And HERE is my final look!

jaclyn hill look of the day beauty blogger

I managed to find a teal similar to the one she uses in a Sephora brand palette I grabbed on clearance a while ago. I normally wouldn’t use a teal like that because I wouldn’t know what to pair with it, but watching Jaclyn use it so casually like it’s any other color was inspiring. She blended it out with brown, and so did I! And brown on the lower lash line.


Unlike Jaclyn, I didn’t use false lashes. I just don’t have any I like! Plus Scott hates when I wear them. Despite that there’s a pair of Wispies in my amazon cart right now.


I finished the look with one of my favorite lipsticks! I used Kat Von D Studded Kiss lipstick in Lolita. This is one of the most beloved colors amongst makeup addicts, and Kat has this shade in lipstick as well as liquid lipstick, and there’s a Lolita I and II. I really want to try the liquid lipstick in this shade, since the studded kiss formula will move around if I go eat tacos or whatever.

Because my eyes are more hooded, the effect of the teal eyeshadow is mostly lost in pictures. But it still looked cool and unique in person, so try this look out even if you too have hooded eyes!

What do you think of this fun, super-wearable makeup look?

I sure liked it! It made me sad to take it off at the end of the night. And if you’re curious about the specific products I used, check out the GO-TO section. I don’t own that much makeup, and all my most used items from mascara to eyeshadow primer are listed there!



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