Gorgeous Vampy Fall Nails

Hey everyone!

Today I have a polish that is just begging to be worn with a black dress, cool tights, and a witchy stack of rings. It’s vampy, it’s dark, and it makes me think of vampires and magic and all that good stuff. I recently read The Secret Circle by LJ Smith (who also wrote the Vampire Diaries series), which is all about teen witches in New England. I can’t resist a book like that! And if I were there in New Salem, I’d totally bring this Orly polish with me.

orly naughty fall nail polish review


What’s funny is that the first coat of this one looks exactly like three coats of Rock N Royale (my favorite fall nail polish). So there’s definitely a warm red-brown oxblood undertone to this dark polish. It can look almost black in some lights, but then that undertone shines through. I wouldn’t necessarily call this one a dark brown, either.

I just stare at this the whole time it’s on my nails. I might… stick with me here… like it better than Lincoln Park After Dark. I know! Crazy! But wait till you hear about the formula. And the undertones are much more up my alley (since I love a brown).

orly naughty fall nail polish review


This is another one of those unbelievably perfect Orly formulas. I just love Orly for this reason. This is a high-shine creme polish that looks perfect in two coats. It’s easy to apply because of the grippy cap, and it’s just a perfect formula texture. Some dark polishes (Black Onyx comes to mind) can be difficult to apply since they’re liquidy and unforgiving, but this one is just the right thickness. I literally didn’t need a third coat on my natural nails or fake nails when testing this one out. It didn’t flood my cuticles, it was easy to move around the nail, and because it’s so dark I could see exactly what I was doing. What a stellar formula!



So obviously I did these swatches while wearing my fake stiletto nails that I bought on Amazon. How freaking good does this dark color look on such long, shapely nails? I just love that. Now we know both girly glam colors and fierce vampy colors look great on almond acrylics.

This is also one of those rare polishes I’m going to give the “GOOD FOR NEWBIES” stamp of approval! If you’re not great at doing your nails, take the time and order Naughty online. It’s a big payoff without a lot of effort. It also doesn’t stain the nail or cuticles.



Color: 10/10

Formula: 10/10

Uniqueness: 10/10 (because most dark colors have an eggplant undertone, not oxblood)

Looks Great While You’re Stirring A Cauldron: 10/10


What do you think of this one?

Do you like dark colors like this? I honestly think I’d rather wear a super dark polish than a super light one. And now is the season for all the dark beauties!

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Have a great week!



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