♡ Essie Polish: Little Brown Dress

I used to hate Essie polish. On one of the rare occasions I’d get my nails done at a salon, I would skip over all of the Essies, and I steadfastly avoided them while nail polish shopping. I thought they were too old ladyish, and I didn’t like the skinny brush.

Now, I own about ten Essie bottles in my collection, and I love them! The skinny brush is very easy to paint with, especially for toes, and there are tons of fun, young colors released all the time. Essie gets a bad rep. It’s not all Ballet Slippers and pearly champagne pinks at nail salons. There are versatile colors like…

Little Brown Dress!



This dark chocolate brown looks nice in one coat. It has a GREAT application. It was perfect and opaque in two coats, and that was really all I needed. I applied a glossy top coat (Seche Vite quick dry) and loved how dark and elegant this polish came out. VERY easy to apply, which makes this one a good choice for a nail polish newbie.



Little Brown Dress is a dark, cocoa brown polish that looks almost black in some lights and warm like hot chocolate in others. It dries much darker on the nail than it looks in the bottle. I wish it was actually the color it is in the bottle, but then again I don’t have any other browns this dark. If you’re like me and love dark polishes, you’ll love this one.


Other notes:

Do not overload the brush with this one. With any liquidy formula and small brush, keeping a small amount of polish on the brush is essential. Also, although I think some dark polishes look incredible for pedicures, I don’t think this brown is one of them. Stick to a glossy black if you want a cool, dark pedicure.

Oh, and if you have dark skin, this color is going to look incredible on you. This cool toned polish looks really good against light and dark skin tones (but like a lot of dark browns, can look a little off on the skin tones in between, especially those with olive and golden undertones when dealing with such a cool-toned polish!).


I picked this polish up on Beyond Polish, but sadly this Essie classic has sold out. I found it on Sparkle Canada’s site for $7.25.

Do you like Essie polishes?

Are there any nail polish brands you just won’t buy? Lemme know! You know I’m curious!




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