My New Favorite Fall Polish

Hey everyone!

I have a new nail polish that I’m absolutely in love with. I love it so much that after I bought it and used it, I carried it around the house with me like a little kid with a new toy. I’ve used it on my nails three times since buying it, and it’s one of those rare instances I know I need to buy a second bottle ASAP just to have in reserves.

This polish is in the new China Glaze fall collection, which is called Street Regal! I like that name- to me it says cool colors with a fancy flair. There are a few others in the fall lineup I’d like to pick up, too. The green, Baroque Jungle, is the next one on my list. We all know China Glaze does a good job with greens.

china glaze street regal fall 2017 rock n royale review

Just a note before we dive in- I took some of these color shots with my fake nails on! This was the color I used in my big fake nails experiment post (which you should definitely check out! I am super proud of that one 😊).

Here it is! My new number one favorite nail polish: Rock N Royale by China Glaze! I hope you love it as much as I do.



I’ve been describing this one as an oxblood milk chocolate red. Everyone else calls it a true blood red, but I disagree. There are such warm notes of chocolate brown, and it really pulls oxblood in some lights and red in others. I love the brown I see in this polish- that’s what really makes me think of fall. This one would look so good with a cream colored sweater and brown boots….!

china glaze street regal fall 2017 rock n royale review


This is a creme polish with a knockout formula. I haven’t seen that many other beauty bloggers talking about this polish yet, which is surprising to me. It is almost a one coater, except it really needs two for opacity and perfection. It’s a dreamy, easy formula that’s not streaky or sheer. I did two coats and a top coat for these photos. I love this polish mostly for the formula. It’s so easy to work with and doesn’t flood the cuticles or pool up on the brush. Some China Glazes dry matte or are prone to chipping, but this one wears excellently on me and lasted for days without any chips.

china glaze street regal fall 2017 rock n royale review


I bought this one in store at Sally’s Beauty Supply when they were having a sale on China Glaze polishes. Since this is a new polish, it’s available everywhere- Amazon, Sparkle Canada, and in stores. It’s such a classic shade because of the oxblood. Because of that, I think this is a good polish for all ages and skin tones. I would love to see Rock N Royale on a woman of color- I think those brown undertones would make this one pop on darker skin! This is also a good color for nail polish newbies. It’s so easy to work with and such a big pay-off that this is my recommendation for anyone who isn’t so great at doing their own nails!



Color rating: 10/10

Formula rating: 10/10

Uniqueness rating: 10/10

Pairs well with pumpkin spice and tall boots and comfy sweaters rating: 10/10!!!

china glaze street regal fall 2017 rock n royale review

This polish is a must have for your fall lineup. Do not miss it!

And if you’ve got any other recommendations for fall polishes, let me know! I’m looking for more brick reds, deep oranges, vampy purples, and all of the other colors that come to mind when you imagine fall. You can leave a comment below with your fave, or hit me up on my nails instagram. I’m @taylordorothynails.

Happy almost autumn!



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