An Essie Classic: Play Date

Hey everyone!

I love purple nail polish, but I don’t actually own that many good ones. I have a China Glaze purple that is all goopy now, and some darker OPI purples that put me in a vampy, wintry state of mind (not the best for June!). So, recently I picked up a fabulous Essie shade that fills all my purple needs.

It’s an Essie classic called Play Date!


First of all, this color has a GREAT formula.


And isn’t it just such a sweet, beautiful purple? I see why this is one of the Essie shades that most nail polish addicts say is a must have for your collection.


I applied three light coats here and topped it with my Seche Vite gel top coat (my new favorite! I’ll definitely grab a second bottle when this one runs out!). I think this purple is so great because it isn’t childish. Like with a lot of brights, it can be hard to get a fun color to also read mature and classic, as opposed to for middle schoolers. Play Date, even with the certainly childish name, is definitely a sophisticated color.

I recently ordered these nail polish swatch sticks off Amazon. Here they are showing my little collection of purples!

My swatch sticks for my purples

See? I hardly have any purples! And Play Date falls right in the middle between pastel, pinkish, and dark. Too bad China Glaze ‘That’s Shore Bright’ is so clumpy. I should probably pick up another bottle…

Do you like purple polishes? What’s your fave?



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