Matte Turquoise Mani!

Hey everyone!

I just love China Glaze. Don’t you? I’ve been on a China Glaze spree this last month on Β my blog. Post after post from my CG shelf. These polishes are different from the rest! Such unique colors. When I first got into nail polish, I was intrigued by their reputation as the funnest brand, with colors that sometimes chip or dry matte without a matte top coat or are packed with unbelievable neon-ness. Now that I’m a full-blown nail polish addict, I agree with all that, and today’s polish exemplifies that China Glaze FUN.

This one is a classic! It’sΒ Turned Up Turquoise!

china glaze turned up turquoise

Let’s talk about this color.

Turned Up Turquoise is, of course, a turquoise. It’s a blue-green, dark aqua that reminds me of peacock feathers and the ocean in Hawaii. It’s a really lovely neon teal. My photos were pretty amazingly photo accurate- neons are usually much harder to capture! But what you see is how it looks in real life, pretty much. This has VERY green undertones and looks gorgeous on.

I honestly LOVE this color.

china glaze turned up turquoise
You know this is authentic since I didn’t photoshop out my cuticles, lol!

How was the formula?

It was great in one coat, and I liked the formula. Then it started drying a bit streaky. I could have stopped at two coats but wanted to even out the streakiness, which is still visible! Even top coat didn’t fix the streakiness, which it usually does!

It dries matte, which is cool!

china glaze turned up turquoise

Other thoughts…

This color is a cuticle stainer. I had to get in there pretty quickly with acetone-dipped Q-tips in order to keep it from staining. It was also kind of hard to get off upon removal.

china glaze turned up turquoise

Should you pick this one up?

I say yes! It’s a unique color and was fun to paint on, honestly, even though it was streaky. It’s definitely one I’ll be reaching for soon! It’s for sale on Amazon for just $4, which is pretty good, as well as at Target for $5.89.

china glaze turned up turquoise

You can really see the top coat fighting with the streakiness in the photo above. Although, really, it’s not that bad. I think I’m just a perfectionist. This polish photographed quite well!

What do you think, do you like this one?

There’s something special about turquoise… I should pick up some turquoise jewelry! I have one fake turquoise ring from Forever 21, and living in Texas I have access to the real thing. There’s also cute stuff on Etsy, right? Do you have any turquoise jewelry?



17 thoughts on “Matte Turquoise Mani!

  1. I love this color!! πŸ’œπŸ’œ I think it looks slightly streaky after drying into a matte finish. But its hardly noticeable😊
    Loved the post and this gorgeous teal nail paintπŸ’–πŸ˜πŸ‘Œ

  2. Also can you do a post about the process you use to paint your own nails? Your nails look professionally painted, and I want to learn how to do my own manicure.

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