What a Sun of a Peach!

Hey everyone!

Today I have another classic bright China Glaze polish! It’s called Sun of a Peach, which is a cute name. I picked it up at Sally’s Beauty Supply a while ago, and it sits next to Flip Flop Fantasy and Pool Party on my China Glaze shelf. It’s pretty close to Flip Flop Fantasy, so I’ll have some comparisons at the end. It’s a neon peach, which is just perfect for lazy summer days by the pool. Peach is also very trendy right now- Too Faced has that whole peach makeup collection out, and peaches are in season to eat. Lol.


See? I wasn’t exaggerating when I said neon! It’s even brighter in person!

About this polish’s formula…


Sun of a Peach is not the best China Glaze formula ever. I had to struggle a bit with this one, which is why it looks a little thick. It was slightly streaky and hard to apply for the first two coats, but looked better on three. Once I hit it with Seche Vive quick dry top coat, it all worked out okay. I don’t know why I stress so much about application with these streaky, semi-matte China Glaze colors. Once I put top coat on, they look PERFECT instantly.


This sweet, juicy peach color is from the Sunsational collection in 2013. I LOVED that lineup- That’s Shore Bright and Too Yacht To Handle were both in there. The above photo is very accurate to how this color looked on me in person. See how eye-catching it is?


If you are morally opposed to top coats, or something, skip this one. It NEEDS a glossy top coat like a glass of water needs three ice cubs (well you just learned more about me!). It doesn’t last a crazy long time, but I got a few days out of it and looooved it while I had it on.


It’s fun, it’s orange-based, and it looked crazy good against this white dress I was wearing.

Now onto some comparisons!

I recently posted about Orly’s Push The Limit on my Instagram, and it struck me that this is another neon peach creme. So I decided to take a pic with Push the Limit, Sun of A Peach, and Flip Flop Fantasy.


In that comparison pic, I like Sun of A Peach the best colorwise. FFF actually looks a little thick, which is surprising since I do like that formula so much. And Push the Limit is MUCH darker, but it has the best formula of the three, since Orly does cremes really well.

Here’s a more in depth comparison of Flip Flop Fantasy and its sister Sun of a Peach:


Sun of a Peach is a little more orange, and Flip Flop is brighter. I hope that helps! I definitely see a difference, and I’m glad I have both. I might even like the color of Peach better while looking so closely at the comparisons. What do you think?

What do you think of this color for summer? Do you have anything like it?

If you like it as much as I do, you’re in luck. It’s for sale here, here, and in stores like Sally’s and Ulta still.



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