Pretty Pastel Purple

Hey everyone!

Today I wanted to show off a beautiful pastel purple! This is a really baby-lilac color- soft, light, sweet. It’s China Glaze’s Sweet Hook!


This color is from China Glaze’s spring 2012 Electro-Pop collection. This lineup was a lot of fun colored cremes, but nothing really electro-pop feeling. Especially this one! Sweet Hook is light and floral. Even though this polish is from way back in 2012, it’s still for sale on Amazon and Walmart.



This color is SUCH A TRUE PASTEL. There’s no neon, there’s no bright pop. It’s a lovely spring angelic color. I find it to be pretty much accurate to how it looks in the bottle. Even though I’ve had this one for years, the color still looks great. It’s an opaque creme. The only thing I don’t like about it is how pale it is- I tend to go for much brighter colors.



This beauty was opaque in two coats and didn’t give me a hassle at all. I found it very easy and satisfying to work with. I topped it with Seche Vive top coat and loved the glossy look. It lasted for a few days on me- about an average wear time, which is especially good since China Glaze polishes are prone to chipping.


If you need a pastel lilac nail polish, this is definitely the one I’d recommend. It’s a very girly polish and looks especially good on longer nails. I’ve also used it as a pedicure shade, and it looks amazing. It pops against a tan, like a lot of China Glaze polishes do.


I could see this looking really great against a cream colored outfit, or a pale pink dress as a contrast. It’s also pretty neutral, given how light and unobtrusive it is, so it will match just about everything.

Swatch Comparisons:


My other two pale purples, OPI’s You’re Such A Budapest and Do You Lilac It are not as good as Sweet Hook. The bottle of Do You Lilac it that I have looks like the polish is going bad- separating- and You’re Such A Budapest needs a million coats to look as even and opaque as Sweet Hook.

This one also photographs really well. It’s more mature than it is Easter Sunday. It’s a good one! Yay for good polishes! Haha. All in all, I’m impressed. White based polishes like pastels are notoriously hard to pull off, and this one has a nice formula to top it off. Sweet Hook is a winner!

Do you like this one? What do you think of a super-sweet pastel like this?



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