China Glaze: Paper Chasing

Hey everyone!

This is a super-cool green polish. Actually, I can’t decide if I love it or hate it.

What do you think??

china glaze paper chasing

About the formula…

This green applied quite easily. It’s a classic thin China Glaze formula, and I applied it very carefully. I let each coat dry before going back in, which is my preferred method with China Glaze. It dries semi-matte. Once I hit it with the shiny top coat, it came together quite well. There was no visible nail line, and it was opaque in three, although not as opaque as I wanted.


About the color…

Well. Look at that. It’s a wicked witch of the east green. It’s a Halloween costume green, or the kind of green you really commit to for a holiday party. I don’t know. It’s super shiny and looked so pretty and bright, but it’s also kind of… ugly? I am torn! I like it, but then I’ll catch a glimpse of it and get turned off it. I might just relegate this one to nail art. Then again, it photographs nicely!


Other thoughts…

What do you think? It’s nice to have a green like this in my collection. I don’t have anything else like this, and it’s great for nail art. A shiny green makes for a really nice leaf on some flower nail art!


Do you ever rock green nails?

They’re definitely hard to pull off! Let me know what you think.



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