8 things I love lately

Hey everyone!

Lately I haven’t been blogging as much. I am not sure why, and I’m trying not to fret about it too much. I was on such a roll for so many weeks and felt great about that, and now I have a backlog of nail polish posts to get to but just can’t do it. I’ve been working through some big stuff in therapy (I have Complex-PTSD) and the last thing I need is to pressure myself over old OPI polish reviews! The best thing is to treat yourself the way you would want a friend to treat you.

True growth is being able to take your own advice.

So, here’s what I’m in the mood to blog about: the stuff I’ve been loving lately! I’ve been into some different TV shows, food, makeup, and more these last few weeks. Let’s dive in!


♥ Shopping at consignment stores!

Last week, while in San Antonio, I shopped at their big Plato’s Closet, which is a resale store with good prices. I got a new faux leather purse for $15, and several cute tops and dresses from all different brands like Topshop and Victoria’s Secret! Normally I wouldn’t have access to brands like that, because I’m not going to order one random Kate Spade top, and said top would never sell for $8 on a Kate Spade website. But in a resale shop, there is tons of different stuff! Buying second hand is better for the environment, too.

♥ Pumped 3!

This is a BMX game that I play on my iPhone. You pick a character (I use Nina B, the only girl- and I know Nina in real life! lol) and ride through dirt jumps and learn how to do tricks! My boyfriend has been obsessed with it forever, but lately I’ve been really into playing, too. Just last night I did a backflip bikeflip 720 in one run, and I was probably more proud of myself than when I finished my senior thesis.

♥ Guy’s Grocery Games

This is the weirdest new thing I’m into. I would not have believed you a month ago if you said, Hey, pretty soon you’re going to think Guy Fieri is funny and you’re going to watch one of his shows every day. But inexplicably, it has happened. I watched a marathon of ‘Triple G’ when I was in the hotel and watching lots of Food Network, and man, Guy’s Grocery Games is a legit awesome show. It’s the nicest reality show ever. I am honestly ALL IN. There are a few episodes up for free on Food Network’s website, so you should check it out. It fills the hole left by RuPaul’s Drag Race (nice reality show) and Kitchen Nightmares (the best show ever tbh). Please give it a shot!! I didn’t expect to love it, and I DO!

♥ Stone fruit

It’s summer so it’s peach time. It’s plum time. Nectarine. Apricot. Pluot. Apriplum. Peacharine. (Those are all fruit hybrids at my grocery store) (I’m trying to sample them all this season). For real, though, I’m super into eating peaches and the rest of the in-season summer produce. Is it just me or are peaches ESPECIALLY good this year, mis amores?

♥ Twitter

I like Twitter more than Instagram lately. I unfollowed a bunch of boring promo accounts, and a bunch of people I was following only because they were following me. I started following more interesting people and now my feed is dope. I love it.

♥ Scrabble

Actually I should write losing at Scrabble to my boyfriend. He won by over 200 points our first game, and I’ve read literally thousands more books than him. But I play for fun and he plays to win. I’m laying down cute words like Mouse and Oink and he’s messing up future moves to earn triple word scores. It’s fun to play an old school board game! 🙂

♥ Degrassi: Next Class

Season 4 is on Netflix! YES! With all the think-pieces written about To The Bone (the new anorexia Marti Noxon show) and hype around their other July releases, the new season of Netflix’s Degrassi just landed in my lap as a big old surprise. I started season one of Next Class skeptically, since I was 13 when Degrassi: The Next Generation aired on The N (which was like, the best channel ever) and it’s hard to compete with that level of target audience perfection. As an adult, armed with nostalgia and a sociology degree, I really appreciate the WOKE perspective that every plot and episode of Degrassi: Next Class brings to the table. It’s fun, it’s interesting, it’s well written, it’s set in Canada but it’s always nice out, and you WILL binge a whole season no matter what (it’s one of those shows that’s impossible not to binge.) Love it.

♥ Planning my trip to Montreal!

I’m going to the Just For Laughs comedy festival in Montreal, Quebec, Canada with my aunt next week. I have never been to Canada, and I don’t speak ANY French, and I’m sooooo excited! We have plans to see Jerry Seinfeld perform stand up, which is just unbelievable. I am flying internationally on my 27th birthday on Tuesday, and I’m trying to let my excitement overtake my nerves and worry. If you’ve been to Montreal, give me suggestions! So far I’m just Instagram-researching cafes and ice cream shops I need to check out in the four days I’ll be there 😛

That’s all for now! I will be back soon 🙂

Have a great week and take care of yourself.

And let me know if you like any of these things, too, in the comments!



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