OPI Iceland: That’s What Friends Are Thor!

Hey everyone!

The polish I’m reviewing and showing off today is from OPI’s winter 2017 Iceland collection. There were some unique shades in this lineup. It wasn’t your typical winter spread of dark purple, holiday red, and a pale cream thrown in there. I grabbed two colors from it- Aurora Berry-alis, and That’s What Friends Are Thor.

nail polish review beauty blog opi iceland

That’s What Friends Are Thor is the creme brown I’ve got some swatches of today!

that's what friends are thor opi iceland review


This is a dark brown with serious pearly gray undertones. That makes it SO interesting. It’s not a fun, young brown. This is a serious brown that looks undeniably adult and mature. I don’t see anything playful about this color! Brown manicures tend to be a great choice if you want dark nails but still want to seem approachable and off-beat, but this one is as sensible as a pale pink or French manicure! It dries much darker than it appears in the bottle, and you can’t really see the graphite undertones in the bottle.



This one had a pretty typical OPI formula. It was opaque in two coats, but looked perfect in three. But I had to be annoyingly patient in between each coat, which I was bad about- as you can see below, there are some imperfections along the tips of my nails because the polish STILL wasn’t dry and stable by swatching time! A quick dry top coat will be your friend. This one is going to lose major points for the level of patience and perfectionism needed to make this one work.

that's what friends are thor opi iceland review


I really appreciate how unique and dressy this polish is, since I don’t have anything like it in my collection. I’ve read other reviews that said this is just a true brown, but I completely disagree. Since this is a brand new polish, it’s available in stores and online just about everywhere.



Color: 7/10. I didn’t love how it looked on my skin, but it was very cool.

Uniqueness: 9/10. VERY unusual for a brown!

Formula: 6/10. It’s not too liquidy or gloopy, but it takes a patient hand.

Good for Newbies: 2/10. It’s a very bold, specific color with a tough formula. Skip this one, polish novices!!

Reminds me of Iceland: Uh… no? I like the name, but overall I am not getting Iceland vibes. Unless we’re talking badass lady who works in a recording studio in Reykjavik, then definitely Iceland!

that's what friends are thor opi iceland review

Hmm. I think I’m going to have to go pick up the navy from the collection- Less is Norse, and maybe some others. This one was cool but not for me! I like this collection though. I’ll be posting the other polish I grabbed from this line later this week! Stay tuned and follow me on Instagram for more nails stuff 💖 @taylordorothynails!



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