Hello everyone!! Chicken pot pie is my favorite food. I craved it for almost all of 2014, and basically avoided the dish since it is so unhealthy. In general, I don't eat butter or shortening, and avoid ordering savory pie dishes since there is a good chance the crust is hydrogenated. Eventually, I realized if … Continue reading MY FAMOUS HEALTHY CHICKEN POT PIE RECIPE


Cauliflower Mash & November Update

I always ease back on writing and blogging when I'm having a bad day. And so far, November has been one long bad day. Although today I did manage to get over to Rose's house (my friend and client) and whip her up some garlic mashed potatoes made from nothing but cauliflower. I pulsed the … Continue reading Cauliflower Mash & November Update

7 Healthy Foods and Drinks… I love this article- 7 Healthy Foods and Drinks That Can Become Unhealthy I always roll my eyes at health articles, because they try and justify the industries that are sponsoring them (Glamour magazine and Skinny Cow or Diet Pepsi or Lean Cuisine or Crystal Lite... On and on). Like, "did you overdo it … Continue reading 7 Healthy Foods and Drinks…

Coconut Oil: ANOTHER benefit… This article discusses how coconut oil may slow the growth of Alzheimer's cells. It kind of seems like the brain needs to accept glucose, and part of this disease is preventing that. The cells die, and they can't accept glucose anymore. "But there is an alternative fuel -- ketones, which cells easily accept. Ketones … Continue reading Coconut Oil: ANOTHER benefit…


Do you want something that is sweet, easy to make, cool for the summer, and super healthy?  Ahhh, me too. And I want it to actually fill me up, unlike an ice pop or bowl of Arctic Zero whey-protein ice cream (although that stuff is good). Introducing the perfect summer sammy: The Strawberry Sandwich! My … Continue reading SWEET STUFF!

Post Workout Snacks!

This week at work, I included a post-workout snack in the menu since my client regularly hits the gym. Well, really, I've been to the gym with her- she kicks MAJOR butt in the gym. Box squats with 20 pound weights, holding planks for 90 seconds at a time... Whew. That being said, she definitely … Continue reading Post Workout Snacks!

Cashew curry & other winning dishes

 Recently, I started cooking on a professional level. I am a personal chef for this great woman in downtown Austin. She was a client of Scott's for his health & weight loss firm (more on that later) and I stepped in to cook lunches and dinners for her. So far it has been amazing! Working on … Continue reading Cashew curry & other winning dishes


Sometimes when I want a salty snack, I make crunchy chickpeas instead of just going right for the Pretzel Goldfish. This doesn't always work. I do love goldfish.I don't know about you, but crunchy chickpeas sound really good!My trick is to blend turmeric, garlic powder, garlic salt, and this channa masala spice blend that I … Continue reading Garbanzos!

DIY Peanut Butter Cups

Are you ready? I made the best dessert ever tonight.PUMPKIN PEANUT BUTTER CUPS! This is a recipe on my favorite dessert blog, Chocolate Covered Katie. I have been meaning to make them forever, and tonight inspiration struck. Don't they look delicious?I used my mini muffin liner and pan, and melted down the ingredients for the chocolate in … Continue reading DIY Peanut Butter Cups

Apple Cider Vinegar

Every afternoon, I make myself drink a glass of 16 oz water with 2 tablespoons of raw apple cider vinegar mixed in. On my first day doing this, I felt pleasantly full afterwards and didn’t mind the taste… Because I’d only used 2 teaspoons of ACV. The past two days I've used two tablespoons, and … Continue reading Apple Cider Vinegar