Do you want something that is sweet, easy to make, cool for the summer, and super healthy? 

Ahhh, me too. And I want it to actually fill me up, unlike an ice pop or bowl of Arctic Zero whey-protein ice cream (although that stuff is good).

Introducing the perfect summer sammy: The Strawberry Sandwich!

My client loved these, and when they were cut out of her meal plan last week, she coughed that she would like the strawberry sammies brought back, please. Once she is back from her trip, it will be strawberry sandwich heaven- maybe peach and other kinds too!

But first. Here they are:

I know you want to make them now! You will need:

  • Two slices of plain (or honey) whole wheat bread
  • Plain Greek yogurt
  • Vanilla extract
  • Truvia/Stevia (or white sugar)
  • FRESH mint leaves
  • Chia seeds
  • Strawberries

In a bowl, cream the plain Greek yogurt with a teaspoon of vanilla extract and enough stevia to take away the sourness of the plain yogurt. For me, that’s about a teaspoon and a half. Stir it up until it’s smooth.

Toast your bread until it’s just the way you like it, and spread the yogurt on. Slice up your strawberries thinly so they’re easy to bite into. Sprinkle the toast with chia seeds and fresh mint, and layer your strawberries.

Try to just eat two of these open face little slices of summer. Or three. They’re healthy!


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