Read this if you have no idea what to do IN THE GYM!!

4 days of beginner workouts 💪 awww yeaaahhh

Arugula Pizza

Hey everyone! Last year when I was visiting my aunt in New Jersey, we got take-out from one of her favorite spots, which was surprisingly the cafe in Nordstroms! We got the best pizzas I ate during my whole trip...but the secret to their greatness was a little off-menu 'mistake' that happened one time when my … Continue reading Arugula Pizza


Meal Prep

Unlike most people on a Sunday, I am excited for work tomorrow. My client is going on a writing retreat, and she'll need prepared lunches and snacks to get her through the day. I'm thinking sandwiches, oatmeal muffins, sweet potato bites, and whole wheat pasta at night to fill her up. The chia banana muffins … Continue reading Meal Prep

The Power of Good Running Shoes

I love this. My shoe brand, Altra Zero, posted this on Facebook today. Such a motivating thing to see when I check into Facebook over coffee, even though I already decided I won't run today (more on why later). These are my shoes by Altra. I will confess that I have had bad feet since … Continue reading The Power of Good Running Shoes

Yesterday’s Workout

Yesterday I was finally back in the gym. It had been a while since I went because of my wisdom teeth surgery and I didn't have a car for a few days. I don't get too worried when I can't make it in every day like I would like to because I eat healthfully and … Continue reading Yesterday’s Workout

25 Golden Rules of Running

25 Golden Rules of Running (Click link above for article) Runner's World is one of my favorite magazines. Like "Oxygen Magazine" with fitness, I can't read it and continue to lay around in bed. I read a back issue of RW for five minutes and I am lacing up my sneakers. They just posted a … Continue reading 25 Golden Rules of Running


Do you want something that is sweet, easy to make, cool for the summer, and super healthy?  Ahhh, me too. And I want it to actually fill me up, unlike an ice pop or bowl of Arctic Zero whey-protein ice cream (although that stuff is good). Introducing the perfect summer sammy: The Strawberry Sandwich! My … Continue reading SWEET STUFF!

Post Workout Snacks!

This week at work, I included a post-workout snack in the menu since my client regularly hits the gym. Well, really, I've been to the gym with her- she kicks MAJOR butt in the gym. Box squats with 20 pound weights, holding planks for 90 seconds at a time... Whew. That being said, she definitely … Continue reading Post Workout Snacks!

Cashew curry & other winning dishes

 Recently, I started cooking on a professional level. I am a personal chef for this great woman in downtown Austin. She was a client of Scott's for his health & weight loss firm (more on that later) and I stepped in to cook lunches and dinners for her. So far it has been amazing! Working on … Continue reading Cashew curry & other winning dishes


Sometimes when I want a salty snack, I make crunchy chickpeas instead of just going right for the Pretzel Goldfish. This doesn't always work. I do love goldfish.I don't know about you, but crunchy chickpeas sound really good!My trick is to blend turmeric, garlic powder, garlic salt, and this channa masala spice blend that I … Continue reading Garbanzos!

DIY Peanut Butter Cups

Are you ready? I made the best dessert ever tonight.PUMPKIN PEANUT BUTTER CUPS! This is a recipe on my favorite dessert blog, Chocolate Covered Katie. I have been meaning to make them forever, and tonight inspiration struck. Don't they look delicious?I used my mini muffin liner and pan, and melted down the ingredients for the chocolate in … Continue reading DIY Peanut Butter Cups