Meal Prep

Unlike most people on a Sunday, I am excited for work tomorrow. My client is going on a writing retreat, and she’ll need prepared lunches and snacks to get her through the day. I’m thinking sandwiches, oatmeal muffins, sweet potato bites, and whole wheat pasta at night to fill her up.

The chia banana muffins I made last week might be a little messy, but the concept is good.


Another good on the go snack is yogurt or cottage cheese in these cute jars. I will flavor plain Greek yogurt with chai tea, or stevia and vanilla extract, and add berries.


Then of course, there are deceptively healthy bean cookies that I can make. And wouldn’t that make my client popular if she brought cookies on the first day of the writing retreat? 🙂


I’ve got to keep brainstorming. Time for more coffee!


2 thoughts on “Meal Prep

  1. Hi — first time here, all of those look so amazing! Especially the yogurt flavored with chai tea. Thanks for the head’s up 🙂

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