The Power of Good Running Shoes


I love this. My shoe brand, Altra Zero, posted this on Facebook today. Such a motivating thing to see when I check into Facebook over coffee, even though I already decided I won’t run today (more on why later).

These are my shoes by Altra. I will confess that I have had bad feet since I was a kid- pretty severe genetic bunions developed when I was in fourth grade. Now they’re to the point where I have to wear comfy shoes all the time, and can’t ever wear high heels (I’ve tried. Believe me.). Before my Altras, I would literally rip my shoes off and crawl into bed the second I got home from a run because my feet would hurt so bad. My bunions (I HATE that word, by the way, and rarely say it) do still hurt immensely sometimes, but only after a 4-miler on the rocky trails. Maybe I should invest in trail shoes…

I think that the word “investment” is a good one for this post– my sneakers, like my running habit, show investment in my life and bettering who I am. I know a LOT of you can relate to this. What do you do in your life that definitely shows that you’re investing in your future? Have you quit smoking, taken up yoga, or been to the dentist?



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