4th of July!

I love the 4th of July. I grew up in a really idyllic town in New Jersey where everyone goes crazy for Independence Day. What up Ridgewood!

We would go to the parade, then a pool party, then another party, then our friends’ house for the fireworks at night. It was always super magical and exciting, and one of the best days of summer.

Since moving away from Ridgewood, I’ve sort of had NO IDEA what to do on the 4th. In Hawaii, I would go to the beach and light fireworks at night. Here I am one of those years in Hawaii with my best friend KT (who just received her copy of my book “Into The Ocean” last night, by the way!)


The past few years, I made it a habit to visit New Jersey with my brother around the 4th. We usually hang out with my family in Fair Haven, where we watched the fireworks from my uncle’s boat.


That is my Aunt Jill and me, with my Uncle Artie driving the boat behind us! I can’t explain my yellow manicure…



In Austin, I haven’t really celebrated at all. I don’t have any plans for tomorrow that are 4th themed!

But that doesn’t mean I’m not SO EXCITED. I am planning my outfit and make up. I have purchased these hair bows:


I’ve given myself this manicure:

945040_2475297365299_923469706_n 1045050_2475296365274_1335407055_n


I bought all this coconut flour and other baking goodies yesterday, and I am thinking of making this…somehow:



I’m thinking of some 4th of July cocktails with cotton candy vodka and blue curacao and strawberries (red, white and blue!).



What are your plans for the Fourth of July? How did you celebrate as a kid? It’s one of the most fun days of the year, but also one with high expectations on it. That’s why I try to focus on the fun of dressing up in the colors of the flag and eating as much watermelon as I can. Don’t let the pressure of plans get you down! As my friend Abigail (who is missing the Fourth of July celebrations this year because she’s in Brazil for the month) would say:



One thought on “4th of July!

  1. I’ve already asked my parents to re-celebrate the 4th for me when I get back! Hopefully sparklers, grilling, baked beans, watermelon, maybe some baseball and of course family 🙂

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